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Our model school includes 6 interrelated stages. The most important stage is a model course, to which we pay great attention, and to which one we devote the largest space in our school.


1. Model course

An annual model course in which our participants will learn all the basic podium movements and other elements of 'catwalk' (podium walk). The course includes fascinating lectures about the history of the model business, lectures dedicated to the material, that every model should know, lectures about healthy lifestyle, the rules of etiquette and much more. Part of the course is a lecture with a lawyer, on which he teaching how to conclude agreements in the modeling business (and not only). Our course is also a great choice for a young women who are not models, which, however, want to learn how to walk on his heels, how to behave confident and improve their image. The whole course teaches the managing director of our modeling agency LOOK Models with our models, who help her on lectures.


2. Make up workshop

Afternoon workshop with a professional make-up artist, in which participants will gain knowledge on how to take care of their skin and hair, what makeup to use and other skills related to self-care. Participants will be given clear and consistent guidance how to apply makeup correctly and choose makeup and colours regard to their type and shape of the face.


3. Photoworkshop

Afternoon photoworkshop with our professional photographer, where we familiarize you with the basic rules of posing, statics, tell you in general about the photos, show the main techniques of retouching and teach other interesting subtleties of the photo. After the end of the workshop, you'll be prepared for a photoshooting and you dont have to worry if you will have a pimple on your forehead, because retouching will reliably hide it. To our students, we explain that the 'magazine' retouching, which is very popular among the models is not always indicative of the ideal proportions of the model, but also depends on good-quality graphic artist.


4. Portfolio Shooting I

Shooting in the interesting interior. Usually we use a massive granite staircase or large factories, etc. On the shooting student gains experience in work with the photographer and at the same time working on a picture of his future book (portfolio).


5. Portfolio Shooting II

The second part of the shooting takes place in the studio. If weather permits, shooting may be and outdoors. Each shooting is discussed individually with the photographer taking into account the weather conditions and free time of model. The purpose of this phase is to gain experience in photography and at the same time, to create a photos for her/his upcoming book.


6. The final fashion show and presentation of certificates

When the all stages are complete every student of our model school should take part in the final fashion show, which makes it possible for a graduate not only participate in a fashion show, but also to understand how the model work looks 'inside' and to demonstrate acquired knowledge to their friends and relatives.

Another part of the final stage is the provision of a certificate of completion of our model school. The graduate can apply certificate to her/his photo book and use it in the future, add it to her/his CV or supplement with it her/his documents while entry to the highly specialized university.


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